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Why do therapy practice owners accept feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and harried as a normal part of running a business?

We went to school
to help people, not to get bogged down in the daily operations of a therapy practice, not to feel completely unsure of what move to make next with our business, and not to start our day thinking to ourselves, “Ermahgerd, how am I seriously going to get everything done today?”

Feeling frantic, harried, exhausted, overwhelmed, and like you don’t know what tf you’re doing in this thing called “business” shouldn’t be the norm


Your business shouldn’t take you away from your calling to be of service to others - it should add to it. You, your clients, and your employees, deserve more. 

I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed anymore.

There should be nothing stopping you from:

  • trusting that the decisions you’re making for your business will get you to your next level
  • clearly understanding what the major problems are within your therapy practice 
  • clearly understanding where to focus your efforts and time and how to fix those major problems
  • enjoying running your therapy practice, including the daily operations and your learned ability to delegate
  • feeling confident that you can get the most important work done during the day and not lay awake at night worried about the next day (or week or month or year) 
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Hi, I'm Dr. Tara Vossenkemper, a fellow therapy practice owner and your unofficial guide through this journey.

Look, I know what it’s like to feel confused and overwhelmed by my therapy practice. I know what it’s like to feel exhausted by the sheer amount of things to do, unsure of which one to do first and why. I know what it's like to think, "Am I really cut out for this? Can I do this? Why is this so damn hard?"

These are the very reasons why I focus on helping therapy practice owners cultivate clarity and a plan for their business.

You deserve to feel certainty about running your business, and I’ve got the the resources, methodology, and wherewithal to help you get there.











But what about...? Let's take a minute to answer your questions.

What are folks saying about working with Tara?

Isabelle Bouchard, MS, RD, LD

It is really scary walking into a group owner position, feeling the pressure to grow and be the best leader you can be. Tara helps me in all facets of business and is quick to give advice and candid feedback while simultaneously having empathy for the emotions I am feeling. I am grateful to have started working with her when I did! I have felt so much support and this has allowed me to take important risks and leaps of faith to be successful!

Miranda Backes, MEd, PLPC

When I decided that I wanted to take the leap into private practice, Tara was the first person that popped into my mind to contact! She helped me to explore what I wanted this dream to become, helped me to define my niche, and even helped me brainstorm name possibilities. She was also able to give me helpful resources to utilize to get this journey started right away. She is the full package and I am certain you will feel inspired and confident in your journey after utilizing her services.

Laura Brackett, MS, LPC, NCC

I am immensely grateful for Tara's guidance! When I began the process of organizing how I wanted to run a group practice, I felt pulled in a dozen different directions. I knew how to handle the clinical piece but the details of what it took to plan and implement the business side of things was daunting. Tara broke it down into manageable bites, gave me practical tools and resources, and her warmth and positivity helped me hang on to my own.

I know you want to be a confident and calm therapy practice owner who owns your time. I want that for you, too.

In order to be
that therapy practice owner, you need a tool for understanding the most important problems and structure for fixing them.

The problem is that you don’t know where to find the right tools
and you don’t know how you’re going to fit them into your busy schedule, which ends up with you feeling more hopeless, overwhelmed, and exhausted than before.

firmly believe that therapy practice owners should feel confident in how to navigate their businesses so that they can be of service to more people, including clients, employees, and the community, as well as have more time for their families. I understand what it’s like to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and hopeless about my therapy practice. I understand what it’s like to not know how to navigate the terrain of a business.

That’s why I provide consulting to therapy practice owners using the Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers framework. It’s a tried-and-true method for assessing your business and knowing exactly where to focus all of your energy and effort.

How we can work together to gain clarity on your business and save time in your life.

Fix This Next Bootcamp


Top Features

  • a four-part video series detailing the FTN framework and how to use it to your advantage
  • access to your own reusable business assessment
  • example interventions for each major issue from the assessment

Fix This Next Assessment and Individualized Plan


Most Popular (and Best Value)

  • access to the Fix This Next Bootcamp and daily videos
  • access to your own reusable business assessment
  • structured framework for understanding the major needs in your business
  • individualized treatment plan based on your business assessment results with key recommendations

Full Practice Analysis and Work Up


Top features

  • access to the Fix This Next Bootcamp and daily videos
  • access to your own reusable business assessment
  • individualized treatment plan based on your business assessment results with key recommendations
  • dashboards created for you to track the impact of your specific interventions
  • one coaching call to review the assessment results, treatment plan, and key interventions
  • second coaching call to assess progress, recommend refined interventions (as needed), and answer additional questions

Getting started is easy.

+ Schedule an intro call where we find out what type of consulting is right for you.

+ Create a plan specific to your business and needs using the Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers framework.

+ Watch your business grow and evolve right before your eyes. 

It really is that simple.
Stop wasting your time putting out every fire that comes your way and start focusing all of your effort, energy, and attention on what matters most in your business.


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